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Why Log Cabins Are One Of The Best Niche Products To Drop Ship

Why Micro-Niche sites are the way forward

Setting up an online store is anything but easy. Those of you who have already undertaken research will already know that the only way for smaller retailers to get a foothold in the marketplace is to specialise in sell niche products. With increasing competition, today’s successful start-ups tend to be micro-niche companies: businesses that specialise in one segment of a market niche. So for example, if your niche was cameras, you might specialise in underwater cameras. If you were interested in garden buildings as a niche, rather than selling sheds, greenhouses, and summerhouses, you might just focus on log cabins, or even on bespoke log cabins.

Whilst focusing on a micro-niche will limit the size of the market you can sell to, it does offer huge advantages. As a micro-niche site, you will be seen by consumers as a specialist in that area. This will mean that your customers will see you as an expert in your field. By building on this expertise, you can command greater authority over that area of the market than less specialised stores and this can lead to a greater proportion of sales than the size of your company could generate if it didn’t specialise.

Specialising also creates a higher level of trust for your business; helps to build customer loyalty, thus increasing repeat sales; and means that customers will often pay a higher price for your products even though they could get a similar product for less elsewhere.

Once the micro-niche company is making money, the next step would not be to expand the niche the business operates in, but to repeat the process by starting up another dedicated micro-niche website.

Best Micro-Niche products for online retailers

We believe, that at Timber World, we have the perfect range of niche products available to help you start an online niche business. For a start, the log cabin market niche is only just taking off in the UK and now is the ideal time to establish your business as a niche leader. Whilst most online stores focus on a large selection of building types, mainly sheds, green houses, summer houses and log cabins, by focussing on log cabins you will be automatically building a micro-niche business on which to create your brand.

To help you beat the competition and develop your brand, all the log cabins, garden offices and bespoke log cabins that we sell are white label. This means you can give each model its own brand name. No-one else will have that name, so there will be no direct competition with our other retailers.

We also understand that setting up an online niche business can be expensive and difficult, however, by selling Timber World log cabins you can make this much easier. For a start, our free dropshipping service means you don’t need to pay us for our products in advance – only after you have taken the payment from your customer. This is the ideal solution for new businesses which need to keep tight control over their cash flow. We also deliver the product direct to the customer for you, so that you don’t have to deal with the fulfilment part of the sale – we even provide an after sales service on your behalf. All you need to do is set up your website and focus on sales; and even here we will provide you with all the necessary product images and specifications to upload.

Of course, none of this would be much good if the products we were selling were not up to scratch. However, our log cabins, garden offices and bespoke garden buildings are exceptionally well designed and built to the highest standards.

If you are considering setting up an online retail business and are looking to find high quality niche products, why not take a closer look at our products and our free dropshipping service.