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Top No-Fee Dropshippers for Log Cabins

If you are looking to retail log cabins and garden buildings in the UK then you might have already noticed that the number of wholesale suppliers selling these products is quite small. Finding a supplier of the right calibre can be a difficult process.

Finding a dropshipper: how useful are wholesale directories?

One way to find a wholesaler is to join one of the wholesale directories. If you haven’t come across these before, basically they are websites where wholesalers list their products so that retailers can find them. It sounds like a good idea and for many it can help in understanding what products are available and where you can find them. The downside, of course, is that these wholesale directories charge monthly memberships for you to access the details of these companies, sometimes this can run into hundreds of pounds a year.

Another problem with wholesale directories is that whilst they let you know what products are available and who’s selling them, they don’t actually guarantee that you will be able to buy them. Once you’ve found the wholesaler of your choice, you’ll still need to apply for an account with them. They will then assess whether your business is the kind of customer they are looking for before they decide to sell to you or not. This decision may be based on a whole range of things: you may be based in an area where they have already met saturation point with retailers; you might not have sufficient funds to warrant credit; they may not be interested in small, internet traders; you might be wanting to sell the products in places they don’t want you to, like eBay or Amazon.

In essence, whilst wholesale directories do have their uses, it can be just as effective to contact the wholesaler directly and save yourself the monthly fees.

Is your wholesaler competing with you?

Another thing you need to be cautious of is the type of wholesaler you deal with. Of the log cabin and garden building wholesalers out there, there is a significant proportion who are actually retailers masquerading as wholesalers – selling to retailers at trade prices. This practice is even undertaken by one of the UK’s leading log cabin retailers which sells one of the country’s major brands. The problem with these types of companies is that you are buying your products from your main competitor. As a much larger and more established business, not only will they be able to sell the log cabins cheaper than you can, they will also have better delivery services and customer services already in place and have the higher ranking website site to generate more sales. If they undertake dropshipping on your behalf, their own sales will always take priority over yours, so if there is a stock issue, it’s your customer who will go on the waiting list, not theirs. From a business perspective, it simply doesn’t make sense to use these suppliers.

Are you being asked to pay for nothing?

Other dropshipping wholesalers will even ask you to pay a monthly fee just to use their dropshipping service. You will need to sign up for membership of their dropshipping service and you will only be allowed to order their products whilst your subscription is being paid. You’ll still need to pay for the products and the delivery on top of the membership fee. You don’t find these sorts of requirements with genuine wholesalers or dropshippers.

Use a top no-fee dropshipper like Timber World

Here at Timber World, we are a top no-fee drop ship wholesaler for log cabins. Like most wholesalers, we ask you to apply for our dropshipping account so that we can verify that you are a retailer and not a member of the general public, but once you have been accepted the only things you pay for are the products and the cost of shipping the product to your customer.

Unlike other companies, we never sell our products directly to the general public. We are essentially a log cabin manufacturer that has chosen to wholesale our own products rather than go through a range of distributors. Our focus is in producing the highest quality log cabins and providing retailers with a first class service to help them sell our log cabins, garden offices and bespoke garden buildings. We offer everything from bespoke garden building design, home delivery, after sales care and even installation. We also sell our products as white label so you can brand them as you wish. We’ll even supply all the images and product specifications for your website or sales brochures.

If you are looking for a log cabin dropshipping company that understands its retailers and can offer excellent products, quick and reliable fulfilment and very good margins, then get in touch or apply for our no-fee dropshipping account today.