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Introducing WeatherStop – Our Incredible Weather Protection System

In order to make sure that our log cabins have superior weather protection, our design team have developed the WeatherStop system. WeatherStop uses galvanised steel ‘strength rods’ to hold the interlocking timber tightly in place, making sure that the log cabin is completely watertight and impervious to wind and rain.

One of the best features about WeatherStop is that is completely hidden. The components, which are made of galvanized steel to resist against rust, are fitted inside specially drilled cavities in the timber.  They can’t be seen from either inside or outside of the log cabin once it is assembled.

We allocate two WeatherStop bars for each corner and also use them for doors, windows and for inside the log cabin wall cavity.  This keeps the wall planks tight together even when external temperature changes can force the wood to expand or contract.

The major components of the WeatherStop system are:

  • A galvanized steel plate with predrilled screw holes
  • A galvanized steel spring, which allows the wall to increase and decrease without leaving gaps between wall planks
  • A galvanized, expandable steel rod
  • Galvanized steel end bolt

All components are pre-cut to size to match the height of the wall and on the installation drawings you’ll find corresponding numbers which clearly indicate which bar to use.