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Stormproof Windows and Doors

For many log cabin manufacturers, windows and doors can be an afterthought. Here at Timber World, we think differently. Every component of our log cabins is taken seriously and we are constantly looking for ways to make our products even better.

For 2013 we have launched a complete new range of windows and doors which will offer some of the best features available in the UK and will completely transform our log cabins.  Our ‘Stormproof’ windows and doors are made in part from laminated timber, to reduce warping and twisting and they come with easily adjustable hinges. The doors have been made more secure with the introduction of a multi-point locking system and are fitted with an aluminium low-threshold giving easy access for wheelchair users or prams. We now have two different style options for our double glazed windows: either modern or Georgian; and they feature gasket seals, engineered sashes, pre-built frames and recessed latches. The windows are now also designed to open outwards. Both window and door handles come with a gold finish.