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Successful Dropshipping Techniques: Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

Okay, so you’ve chosen the drop shipping products you are going to sell and you’ve decided where you are going to sell them. It could be eBay, Amazon or even your own website. Wherever you choose, one of the most important elements in making an online sale is your product descriptions.

Why are product descriptions so important when dropshipping?

When you buy online, you can’t see the product you are buying. All you get are pictures and words or occasionally, videos. We’ll talk about pictures and videos in a later post, but in this article we’ll look at why the product description is so vital to your success as a retailer. The reason, of course, is that it provides the information that will make the customer decide whether to buy the product or not. And, more importantly, it is what will make the customer decide whether to buy the product from you or from a competitor.

So what makes a good product description for a dropshipping product?

There are quite a few things that make a product description good and we’ll go through them here.

Stand out from the crowd

One of the first mistakes people make when selling online is to simply cut and paste the manufacturer’s sales literature on to their listing or website. True, this is probably well written and describes the product extremely well. However, when every retailer is using that description no-one stands out from the crowd. Even worse, when Google indexes all the sites listing the product, it will see the descriptions as duplicate web content and, as a result, many of the sites won’t rank for those listings, only the ones that Google considers the most relevant.

The secret to success is to rewrite the listing, keeping the vital product information in there, but changing the language to appeal to your own target market. One of the ways to do this is to focus on how the product will benefit your niche customers.

If you sell log cabins for example, you could be focussing on selling them as garden offices. Your target niche will be people who work at home. So, when you write the product description, you would mention the same features as your competitors but you will explain how those features can benefit those who need to work at home: doing this will make your company stand out to that segment of the market and make them more likely to buy from you.

Give solutions

Too many retailers fail to sell because all they do is describe the product features. Whilst customers admire products with lots of features, they are much more likely to buy if those features can solve problems or offer solutions for them.

For example, this is part of our Timber World product description:

“As the UK weather can get very cold in the winter, we do offer the option to purchase wall, floor or roof insulation for our log cabins. Choosing insulation will reduce heating expenses and let you use the log cabin in comfort throughout the entire year.”

As you can see, the first sentence tells you about one of our features and why we offer it. The second sentence, in bold, give the solutions that the feature offers to the customer: cheaper bills and increased comfort.

If we were targeting our log cabins just at people who wanted a home office we would have written the last section like this: Choosing insulation will reduce your business’ heating expenses and let you work in comfort in your garden office throughout the entire year.

Including benefits and solutions for your specific market can greatly increase your chance of being a much more successful dropshipping business.

Write professional descriptions

If you run a business, you need to be completely professional in everything you do, otherwise customers will turn away. This includes how you write your product listing descriptions. Poor spelling, punctuation and grammar give the impression that you are an amateur outfit, perhaps not even a legitimate business. So, if you don’t want to come across as a cowboy, you have to get your English spot on.

Similarly, you need to adopt the right tone of voice in how you express yourself. Whilst the writing can be friendly and engaging, it has to come across as trustworthy, professional and accurate. Always try to use positive language to make your customers feel happy about buying from you.

Be honest and realistic

Whilst the aim of writing product descriptions is to make your product sound better than others, you must not embellish your descriptions with things that are untrue or give customers unrealistic expectations. You can’t make claims like ‘This car will never break down,’ or ‘Our aftershave makes women go weak at the knees.’ You can get into trouble with the Trade Description Act if you make inaccurate claims, but it’s more likely that you’ll get disappointed customers who never come back, ask for refunds and give you negative feedback.

Give customers the detail they crave

Here’s a fact. Product listings with very little description leave the customer wanting. To increase sales you need to write in much more detail. Detailed listings answer the customers’ questions, leave them feeling better informed, make them feel they are getting more for their money and show them that you know more about the product than sellers who write very little.

Avoid adjective overload

When you ask people to describe something in writing they often go overboard on the use of adjectives. Whilst adjectives are helpful in product descriptions, they are not as effective as solving problems or offering solutions and, if over used, can seem amateurish. So avoid things like, ‘This is a beautiful toothbrush with fantastic, soft bristles and a strong, sturdy deliciously pink handle.’ And instead replace it with ‘This sturdy pink toothbrush is specially designed with soft bristles that gently clean your teeth and keep your gums nice and healthy.’

How Timber World can help

When you decide to sell our log cabins we provide you with a Web Pack which contains all the product specifications and images needed to sell our log cabins. Of course, on top of this you will need to write your own listing so that they are unique and focussed on your target market. If you need help in writing them we can put you in touch with a copywriter with specialist knowledge of the log cabin and garden building market.

If you are interested in selling our log cabins, why not take a look at our free dropshipping account and see how we can help your business become even more successful.