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Successful Dropshipping Techniques: Unique Selling Strategy

In our last article we looked at how to market your dropshipping business. In this article we are going to focus on an important marketing technique for every drop shipper: promoting your unique selling strategy.

However, you need to develop a unique selling strategy before you can go on to promote it.

What is a Unique Selling Strategy and why is it important?

When you sell on the internet you will be in competition with other businesses who are selling the similar products, at similar prices, from similar looking websites, using similar promotion methods. It can be hard for customers to see the differences between these companies and with so many to choose from they’ll often choose the ones that appear at the top of the search engine results.

Your unique selling strategy is the things you do to make yourself different from your competitors and it’s importance is that it helps you gain an advantage over them in terms of adding value to their shopping experience. So how do you do create a unique selling strategy?

Create a unique product selection

Many people starting a dropshipping business mistakenly believe that the more products they put on their website the more money they will make. They also believe that putting on a wider choice will be better for their customers. But this is actually counter-productive.

As a dropshipping retailer, one of the first things you need to do is be a curator. You need to look at all the products which you could dropship and then choose only the ones that are relevant for your customers.

Here’s why. Let’s suppose you have a website which caters totally for people with small gardens. On it you put a range of smaller log cabins, which you have carefully chosen for your customers. If that customer visits another log cabin website they may have to spend a lot of time searching for the right sized products. It can take a lot of time to work out where to find them and whether they will fit their garden. On your website, they know that every log cabin they see will be the right size for them. It makes shopping easier for them and their online experience is more enjoyable. So, what’s your unique selling strategy? Your products are hand-picked for your customers.

In this sense, your job as a dropship website owner is to think of yourself as a personal shopper. You look at all the products available and filter out anything that would be unsuitable. What you are left with is high quality products chosen specifically for your customers. Instead of saying we’ve got millions of products, go have a look, it’s better to say, look at this fabulous selection we’ve put together just for you. Of course, you do need to have a good understanding of your customers and niche to do this well.

Improve your customer’s online experience

Before the advent of the internet, the good shopping experience was created in-store and even today, dropshippers can learn a lot from visiting real shops. What makes one shop more appealing than another? It’s not just the products they sell; it’s equally about presentation, ease of access and the quality of information given about the products.

Take these things on board and make them unique selling point for your business.


How attractive is your website to your customers? Is there something unique about your website’s design that makes it appealing? If you are selling luxury goods, does the website feel luxurious? Is it the kind of place people would feel comfortable spending large amounts of money? If you are selling log cabins, does the website help the customer visualise their dream log cabin or show how good a garden can be with a log cabin in it?

Do you have something unique to present to your customers that no-one else can? For example, here at Timber World we offer the fastest delivery of log cabins in the UK. We can have our standard models dropped off at your customer’s house in a week. No one else can do that. We have this information shown in the slider on our homepage, so everyone who visits gets to see this important unique feature.

What is your unique selling feature? Have you won an award? Are you a member of an association that will give your company more credibility? All these are things which will make the presentation of you company better.


There is nothing worse than going to a shop or a website and not being able to find what you were looking for. Is your website set up in a way that makes it easy to browse categories and sub categories? Do you have a search bar where customers can search for a specific product? Can customers search by product feature?

If you have these things set up, then make noise about it? “Our specially designed website makes finding the right product simple and quick.”

Quality of information

The standard practice for dropshippers, when listing products on their website, is to import the product descriptions and images supplied by the wholesaler and use these on their website. It’s easy and quick to do and if you use an import tool you can put thousands of products on your website in minutes.

Unfortunately, what you are doing here is making your website content exactly the same as everyone else’s and filling it with the duplicate content that Google dislikes. It won’t rank well and it won’t add any value for your customers.

To make the quality of information on your website a unique selling technique, it is best to write your own product descriptions (specifications you can leave more or less as they are).  You don’t need to do this from scratch, just take the information given from the wholesaler and change it to suit your customers.

In addition, take your own product photographs. Anyone who has ever searched through Amazon or eBay will know that if you see a product picture and click on it to have a look, you won’t bother looking at any other retailer using the same picture. You’ve seen the product once, that’s enough. If you have your own pictures, you are different from everyone else. It’s unique. Even if it’s the same product, if it’s a different picture, people might click on it, especially if there is no other picture like yours.

If you are selling garden offices, imagine what a customer would want to see. Ideally, your images would need to show a garden office fully set up with all the office equipment in there. To give your customer a way to visualise their ideal garden office, everything in the cabin would need to say ‘success’ – the décor, the accessories, the furniture, even the brand of the laptop you place on the table. Of course everything should be neat and tidy and outside the sun should be shining. Do this and you instantly make your products far more attractive to the visitor. They can now see the finished result, not just an empty cabin.


Hopefully, these tips will give you some idea of how to create your own unique selling strategy and  make your website stand out from the crowd. The key points are to: curate your products, make your website different, make it easy to find things and give information about your products, including images, t other retailers don’t. Do these things and you will be much more successful.

If you are considering selling log cabins or garden buildings and need a company which drop ship high quality garden buildings for you and provide you with outstanding customer support, then take a close look at our Timber World Dropshipping Account. It’s free to join.