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Finding Wholesale White Label Garden Buildings

How the internet has impacted upon the smaller garden retailer

The increase in internet shopping has brought about many changes to the garden building retail sector over the last decade. One significant change is that many local garden businesses now find themselves competing against online retailers from across the country and even overseas. As their local customers shop online for the best prices, they are forced to make up for the loss of sales by selling to customers further afield through their own websites.

Unfortunately for the retailers, the manufacturers of the products they sell have not thought about the impact of the internet on the market.  Where, 20 years ago, there may have been two or three outlets selling a particular brand in one town, nowadays, the population of that town can find hundreds of retailers, nationwide, selling the same product. As a result there is enormous competition, prices and profits have reduced and some retail businesses, unfortunately, have gone under.

The consequences are that, as the number of retailers shrivels, manufacturers become far more reliant on a select few retailing giants. These giants then have greater power over them to demand products for less, which puts smaller retailers at a distinct disadvantage as they will not be able to compete on price.

How Smarter Retailers are Adapting

As a result, the more intuitive retailers are starting to demand white label garden products. The reason for this is that, as there is no manufacturer branding, the retailers can brand the products under their own names. This prevents online customers from doing a like for like internet search and price comparison and thus completely removes direct competition for their product from the retailing giants. As a result, the smaller retailer has a much greater chance of making the sale.

Of course, big name brands aren’t going to do this. They do their own marketing, not the retailer, and it’s their well-known name which brings about the sale. Smaller retailers are always going to have a struggle on their hands to compete for custom with these goods. However, with lesser well known, high quality manufacturers, white label goods make the playing field much more level for the smaller garden building retailer.

How Timber World Takes the Lead in White Label Log Cabins

Here at Timber World, we sell our entire range of log cabins under white label. This gives all our retailers the unique opportunity to call each product by whatever name you like and create your own branded range.

By selling Timber World’s white label log cabins you give your business much greater freedom to market your products in the way you wish. No-one who visits your website and sees one of your own branded log cabins will be able to search for a cheaper version of it online because only you are selling it under that name. That brand of cabin will be unique to your business.

To help you get started with selling our log cabins, we provide you with high quality, unbranded sales materials: images, website content and even videos that you can use, either as they are or with your own branding added to them.

In addition, we’ll take the pain out of the retailing process completely through our dropshipping service. Here, you only pay for our products once you’ve sold them, and then we deliver them to your customer for you in unbranded flat packs. So, there’s no need to buy stock in advance, warehouse them or deliver them. We’ll even offer your customers free after sales service and, if you wish, we can organise their installation.

So, if selling white label garden buildings seems like a solution for your garden centre or online business, get in touch today or register for a free dropshipping account to get started.