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Dropshipping Service

What is Dropshipping?

Traditionally, retailers buy products in bulk from the manufacturer and hold them in stock until they are sold. This carries an element of risk for the retailer as not all the products might sell and there are the added costs of delivery and storage to take into account. With large, expensive products like log cabins this can be off-putting to many retailers.

Here at Timber World we wanted to make it much easier for you to retail our products, so we introduced our dropshipping service.

When you become one of our retailers, all you need to do is to advertise our products – we’ll even provide all the information and photographs you need to do this. You only buy from us once a customer buys from you. There’s no buying in bulk and no unsold stock. We’ll then deliver the product from our warehouse directly to your final customer. As one of our retailers, you won’t need a warehouse or heavy transport.

Once we’ve delivered your customer’s log cabin, we then offer full after sales customer support should they have any difficulty in installing the building.

We believe our dropshipping service makes it much easier for retailers to begin selling our products.



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How Our Dropshipping Works

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