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Dropshipping Markets Part 1: Dropshipping on eBay

When you become a retailer for Timber World, you’ll need to start thinking of where best to sell our log cabins. In this article we take a look at eBay, the UK’s largest site to retail physical goods online.   Below are some of the things you may want to consider when dropshipping log cabins on eBay.

The advantages of selling log cabins eBay

Simple set up process

Ebay has a simple set up process that can get you generating sales almost immediately. From a simplistic point of view, all you need to do is create an account, add your listing and your business is up and running.

Taking things a little more seriously and doing some basic research will help you sell more products at higher margins. Everything from the name of your business or your eBay store, the way your write listings and the quality of the images you upload will help. If you are a Timber World customer we will provide you with all the images and product specifications you need to do this. For more help on how to list your products successfully check out the excellent eBay Advice section at

A massive and growing market

Ebay overtook Amazon as the UK’s largest online market in 2014 and has over 27 million visitors a month spending over £2.5 billion. Annually, its visitor numbers rise by an average of 4 million and it’s still growing. When you sell garden buildings on eBay, you have immediate access to this huge market.

What’s more, eBay’s advanced search algorithm will ensure that people looking for the products you are selling will see them, making you much more visible to your target audience. You job is to ensure that the way you write those listings and sell the products generate the sales. The delivery and aftersales is all taken care of by us.

Easy marketing

When you sell on eBay, you don’t need to focus on making your own website rank number one on Google or spend lots of money on pay per click advertising to try and drive customers to your site. Instead you can focus on selling to the market that eBay generates for you.

The downside of selling on eBay

Listing fees

Making a reasonable profit is the aim of running a business, so it’s always an issue when there are fees to pay to sell your goods. With eBay there is the triple whammy of paying listing fees, selling fees of up to 10% and then adding on the PayPal fees at the end.

However, this is not necessarily too much of a disadvantage because all your eBay competitors will have the same fees to pay, so in essence it’s a level playing field.   Also, if you sell Timber World products, we deliver our log cabins white labelled, so you can create your own brand to ensure that no-one else is selling the same branded product as you.

Another benefit of selling our log cabins on eBay is our pricing guidelines. We ensure that there is a minimum price for which our cabins can be sold. In this sense your profits are protected from competition. We do not set an upper limit on pricing, so you can adjust the prices upwards to take eBay fees into consideration too.

Negative feedback

The other main disadvantage of selling on eBay is getting negative feedback. This is especially important when your business is young and each sale may have a big percentage impact on your feedback score. If you have sold 10 products and get one negative feedback, your score is only 90% and this may put customers off. If you have sold 1000 products and have one negative feedback your score is 99.9% which looks much more attractive.

However, you do not need to worry too much about negative feedback when you sell Timber World log cabins and garden buildings. Most of the things you get feedback for are handled by us: we take care of delivery and ensure the high quality of our products. Your aim will be to ensure the listing describes the product correctly, which we will help you with, and maintain good communication with the customer – which when it comes to delivery, we will also help you with.


Overall, there are plenty of advantages to selling log cabins on eBay, especially for young businesses which don’t have well established websites or physical premises. Before starting, we suggest you take a closer look at our range of products and the services we offer our retailers and their customers.

Do you want to sell our log cabins?

If you are an eBay seller or thinking of selling Timber World log cabins on eBay, sign up for a dropshipping account with us today. It’s completely free.