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FAQs about Log Cabins, Log Homes, Car Garages, Modern Garden Offices and Other Timber Structures


Everything you need to know about our dropship system.

Do you contact our customer?

Yes. Once the order is received we then contact your customer to let them know about the estimated delivery date and time. We give a 3 days’ notice to all the customers. We will also contact you once we have agreed a day and time of delivery with the final customer.

Do you deliver directly to our customer?

Yes, we deliver to your customer’s address. On your purchasing order you need to add the following details: customer’s first name and last name, delivery address, postcode, landline or mobile number and their email address.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock or handle them, but instead transfers the customer orders and delivery details to the wholesaler, who then delivers the goods directly to the customer. As with any other business, the profit made is the difference between the wholesale and retail price or it can be an agreed percentage of the sale price.

Log Cabins

FAQs about our range of log cabins.

Bearers of the log cabin

Our log cabins come with pressure treated bearers. These are 70 mm in height and with a maximum distance between each bearer being 700 mm. This applies to all our log cabin designs.

Do I need planning permission?

It depends on what they are using your log cabin for, where they wish to locate it and where they live. Before purchasing a log cabin, we highly recommend that customer contact their local authority to discuss how the regulations apply to their home.

Do you do bespoke log cabins?

Yes, we offer a custom design service for bespoke log cabins with areas bigger than 25sq m. All you have to do is to send us some hand drawings which we will use to put together a price quotation. If you are satisfied with the quotation we can move forward.

The next step is to use the hand drawings to create detailed 3D images of the building. We send these to you so that you can forward them to your final customer. Once any design adjustments have been made and the final design is agreed and the plans signed off, we will send you the proforma invoice. At this point we will begin the manufacture your log cabin.

The minimum area of the building has to be 25 sq m, and the walls thicker than 43 mm. Please note that all our bespoke log cabins are supplied, as standard, with our windows and doors. We cannot alter their size or features.

Do you offer fully pressure treated log cabins?

Yes we do. We have increased our production capacity of pressure treated timber and are now able to supply fully impregnated log cabins. Please note, however, that due to technical reasons, windows and doors cannot be fully pressure treated, but we will impregnate them with a similar colour.

Floor boards

Unlike the cheaper versions available on the market, our log cabin kits will include floor boards as well. As standard, we supply the 19 mm thickness tongue & groove floor boards. As an optional extra, we can increase the thickness of the floor boards from 19 mm to 28 mm.

Is the log cabin flat packed and how you will deliver it?

Yes. All log cabins are delivered for self-assembly in flat packs. Each individual piece is cut to the log cabin measurement e.g. 3m long. You will need some basic tools such as a hammer and screwdriver, and another person to help you unload and assemble the log cabin.

We deliver our log cabins using crane equipped vehicles, which means that your customer doesn’t need to have 2-3 other people on site to help them offload by hand. We do this for safety reasons first of all, and then because we want to offer a smooth service from start to finish. Our job is not done, until the final customer is happy!

What base does the log cabin need to built on?

The log cabin will require a flat, stable area to be built upon and it should be large enough to fit the cabin on to. Materials such as concrete, paving flags or decking would be a suitable for the base.


Details about our payment methods.

Accepted payment methods

For the moment we only accept BACS , our bank details will be available on the invoice.

For standard products we take a 30% deposit (remaining balance is due just before delivery) and for bespoke – made to order products we take 50% deposit (remaining balance is due just before delivery).

Deposit Required

For products that are available in stock in the UK and can be delivery within 7 days we require full payment at the time of ordering, for products that are not in stock need to be ordered, we require 30% deposit. The remaining balance is due upon delivery to your final customer. Please note that no products will be dispatched until funds have been transferred into our account (if your credit limit doesn’t cover the value of the product.)

Placing an order

How to place an order with us

What details do you have to pass over?

What details do you have to pass over?

To be able to successfully process your order we will need the following to be sent by email:

  • The address where the product needs to be delivered
  • The address where the product needs to be delivered
  • Landline or mobile of the final customer so we can book the delivery
  • Product code that you would like us to deliver
  • Wall configuration (44 mm, 70 mm, Penguin 153, Igloo 146 or Igloo 178)
  • Floor thickness (19 or 28 mm thickness)
  • Roof configuration (19 mm or insulated Penguin 138 mm)
  • Windows & Doors configuration: Standard or Antarctica system
What is the lead time for your standard products?

On average, our lead time is 7 days for log cabins with standard configuration (44 mm log thickness, standard windows and doors, uninsulated floor, roof or walls). If you decide to add any other features like increased log thickness, insulated roof or double glazed windows and doors the lead time can go up to 4-5 weeks. Below you can see the lead time for different range of products:

  • Log Cabins – 7 days
  • Corner Log Cabins – 21 days
  • Bespoke Log Cabins – 25 days
  • Modern Garden Offices – 21 days
  • Log Homes – 21-40 days
  • Garages and Carports – 21 days
  • Timber Frame Buildings – 21-40 days
  • Other Timber Structures – 21-40 days


How we can start to work together.

Details of the Web Kit

Our Web Kit includes: price list, product specification, U-values for each component, non-branded images, drawings and many other details. Due to the size of the Web Kit and the number of files included, we send it to you via

The Web Kit will come in a compressed .rar archive and requires the program WinRAR in order to be able to extract and open it. If you haven’t got WinRar you can download it from here:

I’ve found you. How we can start?

First of all, you’ll need to fill in an account application form. This will help us find out information about where you intend to sell our log cabins and if you’ve sold log cabins before, etc. The application form can be downloaded from here:

Price list

Secondly, you will need to look at our price list and the services we offer. The price list is not made public so you will have to contact us to arrange for us to send it to you. Please click here for our contact form or details.

Why there’s no watermark on the images?

We don’t watermark our images so you can rename our products as you wish. You are more than welcome to change the products’ names for your customers, but remember that when you send us the purchase orders, you need to specify either our product name or product code on the paperwork.