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Log Cabins


Log Cabins Dropship Service

Timber World is an established British company and a leading manufacturer of a wide range of log cabins, garden buildings, mobile log homes and roof structures. We have over 20 years’ experience and partners across Europe in countries like: France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Switzerland.

We do not sell any of our products directly to the general public, we only sell to retailers. It’s important to us, therefore, to ensure that we work closely with our retailers and provide services which benefit them and their customers.

One of the ways we do this is through our dropshipping service. Normally, a manufacturer would expect a retailer to buy products from the factory in high numbers and hold them in stock until they are sold. This carries with it an element of risk for the retailer in that not all the products might sell and there are the added costs of delivery and storage to take into account.

Our dropshipping service is aimed to make the process risk free and much less expensive for our retailers. Quite simply, retailers advertise our products on their website (we provide all the information and photographs needed) and they only order from us once a sale has been made. There’s no buying in bulk and no unsold stock. We then deliver the product from our warehouse directly to the final customer, on the retailer’s behalf. Our retailers, therefore, don’t need warehouse space or heavy transport.

We also have a very wide range of products for our retailers to sell. At this moment we manufacture 10 different designs, with sizes varying from 9sq m up to 45sq m at our factories across Europe. We ship them to the UK where they are stored, awaiting delivery.

We offer our retailers the best lead time available on the market, only 7 DAYS for our standard configuration models, while most of our competitors will fulfil their orders in 30 to 40 days.

We also have a 30-40 day lead time, but this is for our bespoke log cabins, mobile log homes, other timber building with an area bigger than 25sq m, and for non-standard configuration of our log cabins range.