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How to set up a drop shipping store: Part 1 Essential Elements

Part 1: Essential elements to setting up an online shop

The number one obstacle that stops people making money from selling drop shipped products online is that they don’t know how to set up a drop shipping store. The second reason is that they think it will be too expensive to do.

Neither of these is true. Whilst building an online store, finding the stock and marketing it looks like an incredibly complicated process, it is, in fact, very easy to do. So easy, that you could probably get your e-commerce shop built and selling and earning you money within a few days.

As for expensive, think again. We’ll show you how you can fill your shop with products to sell without the need to spend a penny on buying stock in advance.

If you are one of those who have been put off because you think the process is difficult and expensive, Timber World will, in our next series of posts, guide you, step by step, through the process so you know exactly how to do it.

Why are we doing this? Because we get a lot of budding entrepreneurs who are interested in selling our products but who tell us they wouldn’t know where to start or they don’t have the start-up capital to begin. We want to encourage more people to get on board and sell our fantastic log cabins.

The three main elements to setting up a successful drop shipping store

There are three major elements needed to set up your own drop shipping website: an online store from where you will sell your products; a wholesale dropshipper who will supply the products you sell; and an effective marketing plan to make sure you attract customers.

An online store

In order to sell, you’ll need an online shop or e-commerce store where you will showcase your products to your visitors and take orders and payments when they decide to buy. You’ll need a store that looks attractive, matches the products that you want to sell and makes finding the products easy for your visitors.

The store needs to be professional, both in terms of how it looks and in the quality of the written content. You will also need to set up a payment gateway with a company like PayPal so that you can accept payments online.

We’ll show you how to get excellent, cheap hosting and a low cost domain name (website name) and how you can set up a professional site, quickly and easily for no cost – using the same free software that powers 30% of the world’s online shops, including many huge stores run by well-known brands. We’ll also show you where you can get thousands of useful free designs to make your website looks spectacular and tens of thousands of free tools that give your shop much more functionality and make it more helpful for your customers whilst they are shopping.

Finding a wholesale drop shipper

As a retailer, you’ll need to find wholesalers who will supply you with the products you want to sell. To stock your website without the need for any up-front investment what-so-ever, you’ll need to find a reputable, wholesale drop shipper, like Timber World.

With a wholesale drop shipper, you don’t need to buy bulk quantities of stock in advance; instead, you wait until you’ve taken the order from the customer first and then, once you have been paid, you order the product from the wholesaler and they then ship the product to the customer on your behalf.

Operating this way means that you never need to buy stock in advance. This improves your cash flow, gets rid of the risk of buying stock you cannot sell and reduces any need to pay for warehousing, stock insurance, shipping fees and labour costs.

We’ll show you how to find wholesale dropshippers so you can get your online store selling very quickly. If you are interested in selling log cabins and garden buildings, we can even provide you with our own drop shipped products to sell.

A marketing plan

by many Once you’ve got the store built and the wholesale drop shipper in place to provide the products, the last essential element is to let people know your shop is out there. Marketing is essential if you are going to attract visitors to your website and make sales. However, when you first start-up you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on expensive marketing campaigns or hire huge marketing companies to run them.

We’ll show you how to market your products using some of the most effective techniques employed of the world’s leading e-commerce sites. In this digital age, there are lots of ways to help your business reach out to potential customers without the need to spend anything.

If you are considering selling log cabins or garden buildings and need a company which drop ship high quality garden buildings for you and provide you with outstanding customer support, then take a close look at our Timber World Dropshipping Account. It’s free to join.



Successful Dropshipping Techniques: Pitching your Products

By Timber World, the UK’s leading dropshipping wholesaler for log cabins

A guide to successfully pitching your dropshipped products to online customers

In order to pitch your products successfully, you have match the product to the customer. To do this, you have to understand the type of customer in your market and what they are looking for when they buy something.

Common Pitching Errors

When many people starting selling dropshipped products, they tend to think that it is the features of the product that will sell it to the customer. This isn’t actually how it works. Whilst the features are important, what actually sells the product is the benefits the features give to the customer.

When selling online, you should write your product descriptions to include the benefits of the product for your customer. However, before you can do this, you have to understand the benefits the customer is looking for and to do that you need to know the different types of customer who visit your site.

For example, if you are selling a vacuum cleaner to a customer who has a small house with little storage space, instead of focusing on the vacuum cleaner’s ability to suck up dirt, you should solve the customer’s real problem. “When you’ve finished using this vacuum cleaner, it folds up easily into a compact unit, small enough to be stored under the kitchen sink.” The customer needs a space saving device. If you pitch it that way, you sell the vacuum cleaner.

What are the best types of customers to pitch to?

1) Desperate customers

Desperate customers are ones that have problems which they urgently want solving and because of this they are impatient to buy and willing to spend money to solve it. Their urgency offers you potentially rich pickings, especially with upsells, but they are also the type of customer who will complain if your products don’t solve the problem they need to remedy.

With online stores, pitching to desperate customers means writing product descriptions aimed directly at them. You have to imagine what their problems will be and explain how your products and services will solve them.

If you sell log cabins, for example, a desperate customer might be someone who needs extra space at home but cannot afford to or move; perhaps they have a growing family. When pitching your log cabin you would show how much extra space a cabin would offer and then explain all the uses it could be put to. You would then discuss other benefits that having extra space could offer: somewhere for the children to play, storage space to declutter a busy household. You could also mention that it is much less expensive than having an extension built or a loft conversion. These are all things which appeal to a desperate buyer for this product.

Think of the products you sell. Why would someone desperately need them? If you write down the ways your product could solve their problems you have the ideal content to pitch that product to that customer.

2) Customers with a hobby

A customer with a hobby is an enthusiast, someone who is willing to pay well to do something they love.  As they tend to have a passion for their hobby they will usually want the best products they can afford and this makes them a very good group to upsell too. They will, however, be quite knowledgeable about what they want and so you can’t pull the wool over their eyes with overblown marketing promises.

When you pitch to a hobbyist, you need to understand the pleasure they get from their hobby and how your products can enhance that pleasure. With log cabins, for example, there are two sorts of hobbyist that may be interested in your products: gardeners and people looking for a building in which to do their hobby.

With gardeners, you know that what gives them the most pleasure is a beautiful garden.  The pitch, therefore, has to be about how the log cabin will make a perfect centrepiece for their garden, how attractive it looks and how it will enhance the gardener’s enjoyment of their garden. You can also show how it can be used as the perfect place to sit and admire their garden.

With craftspeople looking for somewhere to do their hobby, you would pitch the log cabins as a place where they could retreat to, a quiet, spacious place with lots of natural light and the freedom to move around or store lots of their equipment. It doesn’t matter if their hobby is restoring motorbikes, making dresses or working out, but as long as you explain the benefits, the hobbyist will be attracted.

For your own products, try to imagine why someone with a hobby might want them. How could they enhance the hobbyist’s enjoyment? How could they make doing their hobby better or easier? This will help you write a product description pitched at this type of customer.

3) Repeat Buyers

Some dropshipped products are ideal for repeat buying, especially items which are disposable or have a short lifespan. Repeat buyers are people who have developed a relationship with your website and find it a place where they feel comfortable on the internet. They have learnt to trust your company and like the things you sell. This puts you in a very powerful position to take advantage of this relationship.

With repeat buyers, you need to get them to buy other products besides the ones they keep coming back for. The first thing you would need to do is research your existing customers and find out what products they regularly buy. The next stage would be to find related products that they might be interested in. You can then pitch these products to them. This can be done in several ways – via your newsletter, at the bottom of any emails you send them as part of their purchase – such as an invoice, or you could ask your dropshipping company to put printed material in the packaging for you.

Once again, you would pitch the products by linking the benefits it offers to the same benefits they get from the products they regularly buy.

With log cabins, you would imagine that there is not much scope for repeat sales, but in fact, there is. Whilst a customer obviously isn’t going to buy a new log cabin every month, there will be other cabin related products which need renewing on a regular basis, for example, wood treatment,  external paint, battery operated light bulbs, window cleaner, wooden floor oil. As a specialist log cabin retailer, you customers would think that you know the best products to sell and will buy them from you even if they are more expensive than elsewhere.  When you pitch them, flag up you expertise before explaining how they will benefit the customer.


As you can see, pitching requires you to understand your customers and the reasons they are buying from you. Once you know this, you can capitalise on it by focusing your product descriptions on meeting the needs and desires of those customers. This will help you increase sales of your drop shipped products.

If you are considering selling log cabins or garden buildings and need a company which drop ship high quality garden buildings for you and provide you with outstanding customer support, then take a close look at our Timber World Dropshipping Account. It’s free to join.



Successful Drop Shipping Techniques: Starting an Affiliate Program

How to use affiliate programs to grow drop shipping sales

Getting visitors to your dropshipping website is one of the hardest things to achieve and for new businesses growing your audience is crucial if your online enterprise is going to succeed. In this article we are going to look at one of the most effective ways to get potential customers to your website: affiliate programs.

Why should I consider an affiliate program?

In a nutshell, affiliate programs work. According to PRWeb, 40% of Amazon’s income comes from affiliate sales. That was $24 billion in 2012-13. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that generates a lucrative income stream for all kinds of businesses. If you don’t have an affiliate program, you are losing sales.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a highly effective way to promote your business online. It’s a system whereby you recruit affiliates to put links to your website on their website (or newsletters and emails.) The links can be in the form of adverts or hyperlinked text. If a visitor from an affiliate’s site buys from your website, you pay them a commission. Unlike Google Adwords, they do not get paid if someone clicks on the link but doesn’t buy.

How do affiliate programs work?

You can purchase affordable affiliate software that is easy to set up and use on your existing website. The software works by giving a unique id to each of your affiliates so that when someone visits your website via their site and makes a purchase, you know who to pay the commission to.

 How does affiliate software help manage an affiliate program?

Affiliate software manages your entire affiliate program for you. It lets you set the level of commission for each sale, organise commission payments and keep a track on which of your adverts and affiliates are performing the best. It also creates an affiliates’ registration page and gives them a user area where they can see their statistics (impressions, clicks and sales). They can also get your sales banners and links form this area.

One of the more advanced features of affiliate software is the ability to create tiered affiliate programs. What this means is that if an affiliate recruits another affiliate, they make commission not just on their own sales but also on any sale that the affiliate they recruited makes. You can choose whether or not to offer tiered programs but, if you do, there can be up to 5 tiered levels of affiliates. The advantage of tiered affiliate programs is that it encourages affiliates to recruit more affiliates to advertise your products on their sites. Affiliates can be very well connected and, if incentivised, can sometimes recruit more new affiliates for you than you can do on your own.

How do affiliate programs improve dropshipping sales?

Affiliate programs are one of the favourite methods used by bloggers to monetise their websites. The reason this is important is that bloggers specialise in writing about specific niches. If you can find a blogger who writes about a niche which matches the products you sell, then it is highly likely that they would be willing to put one of your adverts on their site – especially if they feel it would be relevant to their readers. If one of their readers buys from you, both you and the blogger make money.

The other way in which bloggers can really boost your business is by writing about your products in their blog posts. If you sell shoes, for example, a fashion blogger might give you a good review and put a link to your website in the post.  This is a far more effective and powerful way to sell your products than simply having an advert on the page. This is because blogger are internet influencers – people visit their websites because they value the blogger’s opinions. If a blogger likes your products and publishes a post about them, that post may be read by thousands of people, many of whom will share the post on social media so that it will be read by many more.

This can cause an avalanche of publicity for your business and have a long term positive impact on your sales. A good blog post will stay around for a long time and will appear in Google search results for key words linking to your product or business. To get the best success, you need to recruit the best bloggers in your niche to be your affiliates. If you were selling Timber World log cabins in the UK, for example, getting a review on an authority blog like Best Garden Buildings UK could transform your business.

The good news is that in niche markets, like log cabins, there are very few retailers with affiliate programs and so bloggers in that niche are regularly on the lookout for new affiliate programs and products to review. And of course, once one blogger starts to promote you, it won’t be long before others start to take notice.

How do I recruit affiliates?

The easiest way is to create an affiliates page on your website (most affiliate software packages do this automatically for you when you install the program) and put a link to it in the footer menu. By creating that page, it will be searchable in Google search results. This lets bloggers, who are used to searching for affiliate programs, to find your program simply by searching for your products and adding the word ‘affiliate’, e.g.:  Log cabins affiliates or log cabins affiliate program. If they type this, your affiliate program will appear in the search results.

The second method is to search for relevant blogs in your niche and contact the owners directly asking them if they would like to review your product or put an affiliate banner on their site. Again this can be done relatively easily by using the keywords and adding blog or review. Sometimes this can be a little more difficult because many of your competitors will have their own blogs and reviews on their website – you will need to find independent blogger as there is no way that a competitor will advertise your products.

Using social media, especially Twitter , Google + and Linkedin, is another way to find bloggers who may be interested. The easiest way to recruit lots of affiliates, however, is in the method below.

Using an affiliate management company

The most effective way to generate lots of affiliates is to join an affiliate management company such as Affiliate Window. Affiliate window manages affiliate programs for hundreds of UK businesses and it has thousands of affiliates signed up to advertise their products. When you join, your company will be listed and information about your products will be send to every one of those affiliates. They will also be able to search for you on the Affiliate Window site.

What makes joining a company like Affiliate Window even better than setting up your own affiliate program is that you are assigned an account manager whose job it is to match your company with affiliates who operate in your niche and then recruit them for you. The account manager will also have an excellent understanding of your market niche and will know what tactics work best to get you sales. They will work with you to help create marketing materials and organise promotions which the affiliates will publicise on their websites.

Whilst you may have to pay Affiliate Window for the service, the increased sales which will result may have an enormous impact on you sales. If you can afford their services, it is worth taking this route.


Affiliate programs are used by many businesses to achieve direct contact with customers who are interested in their niche. They generate targeted traffic and increased sales. However, do remember that once an affiliate sends a visitor to your website, it’s up to you to clinch the deal when they arrive. You also need to remember that part of the money you earn from selling drop shipped products will need to be paid in commission to those affiliates who help sell the products for you. However, any losses in margins would be more than compensated by gains in volume.

If you are considering selling log cabins or garden buildings and need a company which drop ships high quality garden buildings for you and provides you with outstanding customer support, then take a look at our Timber World Dropshipping Account. It’s free to join.





Successful Dropshipping Techniques: Double Sales with Free Shipping

Our latest post to help you improve your online drop shipping business will focus on one single tactic that can have a massive boost on converting visitors into customers: free shipping.

How do we know offering free shipping boosts sales?

Thanks to internet giant, Amazon, we now have a much better understanding of how shipping costs affect sales. Recently, they undertook a highly detailed study of online customers’ buying habits by following shoppers from the moment they arrived at their site all the way to their exit. One remarkable discovery that Amazon made was that almost half of all customers empty their shopping cart when they find out that the retailer doesn’t offer free delivery! The impact of this is obvious. You may have created the perfect website, chosen and curated the ideal items to sell, designed a successful marketing strategy that encourages visitors to your site, and promoted your products with well written listings and attractive images. With all these in place, your shoppers decide to buy, add your products to their basket and proceed all the way to check out – and then, once they see you charge a for shipping, almost half of them  leave and buying nothing. That’s almost 50% of your sales lost. Or to put it another way, you could increase your current sales by almost 100% if you offered free shipping.

It gets even better

But it doesn’t stop here. Amazon also found out that if you do offer free shipping, three quarters of customers will actually purchase more than they first came for. So, for those of you who have been following Timber World’s Successful Dropshipping Techniques series and have put upsells, cross sells and bundles into place on your website, you now know that if you combine these with free shipping, you have a 75% greater chance of increasing your sales.

It works best for dropshippers

The best thing of all is that offering free shipping is much easier for dropshippers than it is for traditional retailers. Traditional retailers have to actually pay for the shipping out of their own takings, and so, by offering it for free, they have to take a smaller profit on their sales. When you retail using a wholesaler, like Timber World, who drop ships products on your behalf, you don’t need to lose anything – your margins can remain exactly the same..

How to offer free shipping without losing money

How do you offer free shipping if you use a drop shipper to deliver your products? Let’s take a look at how this works with Timber World log cabins. Imagine that you are selling a log cabin for £2000 and that the delivery cost Timber World charge you is £75. As a result you need to charge your customer £2075 in total.

Using he old way of trading, to try to make your product look more competitive, you would have advertised it at £2000. You would only mention the delivery costs right at the end of the buying process, when the customer had got to the check out. However, we now know that when customers see the £75 delivery charge, half of them will drop the purchase and look elsewhere.

Instead, you should now advertise your log cabin for £2075 and at the same time make a point of letting customers know this is with free delivery. You are still getting exactly the same price and profit as you were before and the customer is still paying the same price overall.

More importantly, the customer doesn’t know that the cost of shipping is built into the price of the log cabin, and so, psychologically, they think that delivery is free. This means that the 50% of buyers who would abandon the sale will now see it through to the end.

Even better, 75% of all your customers would go on to purchase an up-sale, cross sale or bundle – so you end up selling bigger log cabins with better specifications and a range of bespoke features. In the end, your £2000 initial log cabin could have developed into a £2500 sale.

So, the next time you are working on the pricing structure for your drop shipped products, remember that this is a clear advantage that you have over traditional retailers who find it difficult to absorb the costs of giving away free shipping.

Additional benefits for drop shipping on eBay and Amazon

There are other benefits too. If you sell on eBay and Amazon, your products are much more likely to rank higher in product search results when you advertise free shipping. eBay used to let you search for products by price so you could find the cheapest deals, now it’s price including postage and packing. Retailers who sell at lower prices with higher shipping costs can no longer jump above you in the search results. Nor can traditional retailers reduce their selling fees to compete better. These days all retailers have to pay eBay and Amazon a percentage of the total sales price, including delivery. Gone are the days when you could list products for a penny and charge £25 delivery fees just  to get out paying eBay its 10% final valuation fee.

As a dropshipper, these changes really make it much easier for you to compete when you offer free delivery. You are also likely to get more satisfied customers and consequently better feedback if you advertise free shipping.

If you are considering selling log cabins or garden buildings and need a company which drop ship high quality garden buildings for you and provide you with outstanding customer support, then take a close look at our Timber World Dropshipping AccountTimber World Dropshipping Account. It’s free to join.


Successful Dropshipping Techniques: Marketing Ideas

One, all too familiar, problem for people who start online businesses is that after they have put so much effort into building a fantastic website they find that once it goes live no-one buys anything.

The problem here is not having poor products or that the website design was all wrong. Other businesses will sell the same products and many will have less sophisticated websites. The reason, instead, is that no-one knows your website is there. If no-one knows it is there, you will not get any visitors and no-one is going to buy from you.

To run a successful dropshipping business one of the things you need to do to help people get to your website is do some good marketing to attract customers.

Tips for marketing your dropshipping business

The most common method for marketing your business is to advertise. You can do this in many ways, but online, most people tend to use what is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. One PPC advertising you will have seen all too often is Google Adwords, where you see adverts at the top, bottom and sides of Google search results. Google are not the only company to offer PPC ads, there are many other companies out there who do the same, including Facebook and Bing.

The way advertising networks like Google and Facebook work, is that you create an advert, either text or image, and add a link to the page of your website you want visitors to go to. You then tell the ad network which search results you want your advert to appear on. The final thing you need to do is to set an advertising budget and tell the network how much you are prepared to pay for each time your ad is clicked.

If, for example, you were selling log cabins and you set up a Google Adwords account, you could arrange your adverts to appear only when people in the UK searched for the term ‘buy log cabins’. You could set the maximum you were prepared to pay to 50p every time someone clicked and fix your weekly spend to £30. (The more you offer to pay for each click, the higher up the advert list you company will appear when someone searches.)

As a result, you would be getting 60 visitors a week coming to your website and know that they had got there because they were looking to buy log cabins. What you are getting from the ad, therefore, is a targeted sales lead which you need to make the most of on your site.

Whilst you are not guaranteed to get any visitors at all from this method, you do only pay when someone clicks.  If you are not getting any visitors it will be because your ad is not appealing or because other advertisers are out bidding you and your ad is appearing at the bottom of the list.

The disadvantage of PPC advertising, of course, is that it can be expensive. Not every click will translate into a sale and different types of business have different success ratios – it could be that on average only 1 in 100 clicks results in a sale. That would mean a £50 marketing cost for each log cabin you sell. This may need to be factored into your pricing.

If you don’t have a budget for PPC advertising there are other, more creative ways to market your business. Here are a list of them:

Post about your business on Twitter

Find a relevant #hashtag for your business on Twitter and send out regular posts. Follow people who are interested in your sector. For example:

“Grab a 10% discount on the UK’s best log cabins – hurry, ends Sunday. #logcabins #gardeners”

Set up a Facebook Business page

Set up a Facebook business page and post pictures of your products on there. Then ask your personal friends to like your web page. Remember to post regularly to keep people interested. People can search Facebook like Google and find your website from there. Once you have done this on Facebook, so the same on Instagram.

Set up a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is another effective marketing tool you can use. If you were selling log cabins you could set up a board called “Beautiful Gardens” then add hundreds of pictures of gardens and garden furniture which would generate lots of people coming to look. Once you started to get people sharing your pins and following you, start adding all the pictures of your log cabins and make sure you place them in highly visible parts of your board. The pictures will link back to your website when people start clicking on them.

Get bloggers to write about your business

Inviting bloggers to write about your products or your business can introduce you to enormous new audiences, especially as blogs are one of the most shared and commented on forms of internet content. You can even ask bloggers to review your products. For log cabin and garden building dropshippers, getting a review on websites like can be very beneficial. To get in touch, simply find the Contact Us page on the blog that most appeals to you and ask the blogger if they are interested. Depending upon the blog, you may have to pay a small fee or send them a product to review.

Open an affiliate program

One way that many businesses market their products is through opening an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are where you get bloggers and other websites to put adverts, banners and text links to your website on theirs. Unlike PPC, where you pay every time someone clicks on an advert, with an affiliate program you only pay when someone actually buys from you.

Bloggers who put affiliate adverts on their websites do it to help them make money from their blog. However, you will find that they will only advertise products which are relevant to their audience. The other thing they will do is promote the company that makes them the most money. For this reason, you are more likely to get affiliates signing up if you pay reasonable commission rates. The average is 5 -10% for physical products. For software, companies often pay up to 50% commission on each sale. For a £1500 log cabin, this could mean paying the affiliate £75 for the sale. However, if you have 100 affiliates each sending you 1 sale a week of £1,500, that would give you a turnover of £7,800,000 a year.

Affilate programs work by using software which tells you where each person who visited your site came from. If they came from an affiliate it will tell you which affiliate sent the customer and how much the affiliate earned. There are two types of affiliate program – self hosted and managed. With self-hosted you can simply get a plugin, such as AffiliateWP (for WordPress sites), which adds to your website and you set it up from there. This is an easy and free way to set up an affiliate program, but its big disadvantage is that affiliates have to find your website in order to sign up. If you are trying to get affiliates to find you then using a managed affiliate program can be better.

With a managed affiliate program you will pay both the affiliate and the company that does the managing – however, the huge advantage is that you will be given an account manager who will actively seek out the best bloggers for you and encourage them to put your adverts on their websites. There can be thousands of potential bloggers with millions of viewers ready to start finding your website – and the account manager is the person who can put everything in place. To find out more take a look at companies like Rakuten Affiliate Marketing orWebgains.

If you are considering selling log cabins or garden buildings and need a company which drop ship high quality garden buildings for you and provide you with outstanding customer support, then take a close look at our Timber World Dropshipping Account. It’s free to join.


How good is your supplier’s drop ship delivery?

When choosing a dropshipper for log cabins or garden buildings, it’s absolutely crucial that they provide you with a high quality drop ship delivery service. If they don’t, you could be putting your entire business in jeopardy. In this article we’re going to be looking at the different delivery services retailers need from a good dropshipper and why you need them.

Why quick deliveries are key

When a customer buys a product, especially something they have paid a lot of money for, like a log cabin, they don’t want to have to wait a long time for it to be delivered. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, some customers get suspicious if you ask them to pay for a product which they have to wait for a long time for; and, secondly, if they can get something similar, but much quicker, from another retailer, chances are they will.

You need, therefore, a retailer with the ability to deliver quickly. Here at Timber World, for example, we deliver all out standard models within one week. For non-standard and bespoke models, which have a longer delivery time, we remove any suspicion by only asking for a deposit at time of purchase and the rest to be paid just prior to delivery, making the customer feel much more confident about the delivery we carry out on our retailer’s behalf.


There’s nothing worse than an unreliable delivery service for generating customer complaints and getting your business bad reviews and a poor reputation. When using a dropshipper this can be complicated because if they have a poor delivery service, it’s your business which will suffer.

A good dropshipper will deliver on time, to the right address, and the product will reach the customer complete and undamaged. Here at Timber World we pride ourselves on our reliability. All our components are bar coded so that no log cabin can leave our premises incomplete, they are checked before they leave and we schedule our own deliveries using modern, purpose built vehicles that can provide easy drop offs. We make sure we have made contact with your customer beforehand; so that someone is home when we arrive and that there is provision to get the product to exactly where it needs to be installed.


There are quite a few dropshippers who only deliver to certain parts of the UK. This can be awkward if you are selling online and can get orders from any location which you need to fulfil. Failure to be able to offer these locations for your products means you are potentially losing out on lucrative sales. Ideally, you need a dropshipper who can deliver throughout the UK. At Timber World this is exactly what we do.

Affordable delivery

Log cabins, garden offices and other timber buildings are large and heavy products to transport. They require large, purpose built vehicles, with integrated cranes, to carry and drop the products off. Buying the vehicles, paying for drivers and fuel as well as covering overheads like insurance, road tax and servicing means the cost of transporting a log cabin can be expensive. Some dropshipping companies will not only try to charge the full amount to cover their delivery services, but will also try to make a profit on top. This can be the one factor that loses you the deal when selling a log cabin.

At Timber World we have an entirely different approach. Firstly, we don’t try to make a profit on delivery; we don’t even pass on the full amount. We do charge, but we think it’s a very reasonable amount to pay. However, only our retailers know what we charge for deliveries. As a retailer, you have the option to hide the delivery cost completely, by charging a little extra for the log cabin and offering free delivery. The choice is yours.

Unbranded drop ship delivery

Many retailers choose to create their own brand and want products which are unbranded to sell. A good dropshipper will not only allow this to happen with their products, but they will help their retailers to do this. When it comes to delivery, the last thing you want is for your branded log cabin to turn up with different branded name on the pallet and with different branding on the paperwork. It gives your customers a very bad impression of your company when it happens.

If you become a retailer of Timber World log cabins and garden buildings, you can be sure that all our products are white label; there’ll be no branding to confuse your customers.

Aftersales service

As a retailer, you’re the expert at selling log cabins and not an expert in their construction and installation. As you use a dropshipper, the chances are that you will not have actually seen one of the cabins you have sold. It can be extremely problematic, therefore, if a customer needs to contact you about a specific question or has a problem.

A good dropshipper won’t just take care of the delivery, they’ll also support you by providing your customers with a helpful aftersales service; offering them the expert advice, whilst letting you concentrate on sales. Here at Timber World, we offer a first class customer service on your behalf and if you customer needs it we can even arrange for their cabin to be installed for them.



Find High Margin Wholesale Products to Sell Online

The problem with finding high margin products

If you’re a small internet retailer, finding products you can sell online that will earn you high margins can be a difficult task. To make a significant sum on each sale requires you to be retailing expensive goods, however, to buy these in bulk, in the traditional wholesale way, is very costly and, if you don’t manage to sell them, a risky operation.

In normal wholesale practice, you would need to pay up front for the goods you wish to sell, unless you could prove that your business was financially secure enough to be allowed a credit agreement with the wholesaler. Even then, the size of your margin would be dependent upon the size of your order. The more you buy, the greater the discount. For small retailers, this can be a huge stumbling block to selling highly valuable goods with significantly high profit margins.

The other obstacle is that, even if you could purchase them, you are then left with the costs of storage. High value goods are precious commodities. They need to be warehoused securely and safely to prevent theft or damage. If you have invested this amount of money into the products, you’ll want them insured in case the worst happens; otherwise, your business may go bust. You’ll also want to make sure that they don’t go missing or get damaged during delivery.

The cost of storing, protecting, insuring and delivering high value stock all adds up and reduces the final profit from your activities.

The solution

The solution is to find a wholesaler or manufacturer who is willing to dropship their products for you. Using a dropshipping service is the perfect answer for a small, online retailer wanting to make a move into high margin goods.

By using a dropshipping manufacturer you don’t need to buy in bulk before you get your hands on the products. Instead, you sell the product online first, collect the payment from your customer and then pay the manufacturer or wholesaler. The manufacturer or wholesaler will then deliver the product straight to your customer for you.

The advantages are obvious: no huge cash advance to be paid, no storage, security, insurance or delivery costs eating into your profits and no risk of even a single unsold product. It’s safe and simple. But is it too good to be true?

We’ll almost, because whilst dropshipping is big business in US, here in the UK there are surprisingly few manufacturers or wholesalers who are prepared to offer this service to their retailers. There are some dropshippers around, but the vast majority deal in small, low value goods, where the profits are small.

Dropshipping the Timber World Way

Here at Timber World, we offer a fantastic dropshipping service for all manner of online retailers and garden centres. We offer a margin of between 10% and 15% on our products, which, when you consider the retail price of our log cabins, can earn you hundreds of pounds profit per sale.

Most importantly, our products are of exceptional quality, our delivery times are short and our customer services are second to none in the industry. So, not only will you make a reasonable profit from your retailing, you can also be assured that through working with us, your customers will be highly satisfied with the quality of their garden building and the service they receive – all of which, as far as your customers are concerned, will have been provided by your business.

In addition, all our products are unbranded, allowing you to create your own brand around them and we ensure that there is a minimum price at which our products can be sold, so that margins are guaranteed. We will even provide you with a web pack containing all the sales materials you need to get your website or promotion up and running.

So, if you are still looking for high margin, wholesale products to sell online, sign up for a dropshipping account with Timber World today.





How we make our pressure treated Log Cabins

Here at Timber World we manufacture log cabins to last. We are the only company which builds fully pressure treated, interlocking log cabins – a great feature which will make our garden buildings last for years to come.

During our manufacturing process, we cut to size all our timber: walls, floor joists, floor boards, roof beams or roof boards, and place them inside a closed cylinder. Once inside, vacuum and pressure are applied to force the preservatives deep into the wood. This treatment help protect the wood from attack by termites, other insects and fungal decay.

We use a modern wood preservative for the protection of wood against biotic infestation. The Bochemit FORTE treated wood is especially suitable for use in exterior applications, particularly wherever the wood is in direct contact with soil or fresh water. The preservative is not extractable from the wood by water as during the pressure treatment Bochemit FORTE enters throughout the whole section of the timber, leaving no place for insects to hide.



Pressure treated decking boards

We are now offering pressure treated decking boards.


Introducing WeatherStop – Our Incredible Weather Protection System

In order to make sure that our log cabins have superior weather protection, our design team have developed the WeatherStop system. WeatherStop uses galvanised steel ‘strength rods’ to hold the interlocking timber tightly in place, making sure that the log cabin is completely watertight and impervious to wind and rain.

One of the best features about WeatherStop is that is completely hidden. The components, which are made of galvanized steel to resist against rust, are fitted inside specially drilled cavities in the timber.  They can’t be seen from either inside or outside of the log cabin once it is assembled.

We allocate two WeatherStop bars for each corner and also use them for doors, windows and for inside the log cabin wall cavity.  This keeps the wall planks tight together even when external temperature changes can force the wood to expand or contract.

The major components of the WeatherStop system are:

  • A galvanized steel plate with predrilled screw holes
  • A galvanized steel spring, which allows the wall to increase and decrease without leaving gaps between wall planks
  • A galvanized, expandable steel rod
  • Galvanized steel end bolt

All components are pre-cut to size to match the height of the wall and on the installation drawings you’ll find corresponding numbers which clearly indicate which bar to use.