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Log Cabins Dropship by Timber World

Timber World Ltd is a company registered in UK, located in Harrow, Middlesex offering a full dropshipping service for a wide range of products, such as: log cabins, mobile log homes, modern garden offices, car garages, timber frame buildings and other structures made of stratified wood.

Every single product is manufactured in our factories overseas and stocked in the UK. For over 20 years we have exported our products to countries like: Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal. All our log cabins, mobile log homes or timber frame buildings have been designed especially for the UK market, packaged in all-in-one flat-pack kits with features that include: pressure treated wood, externally opening windows and doors with double glazed, pre-fitted glass, gasket seals, lower ridge height (to comply with building regulations) and much more.

A special characteristic of our company is that we do not sell any of our products to the general public. Instead, we focus on supplying small retail companies and gardening websites to which we offer a very good dropshipping service. We work with over 100 different websites in the UK, for which we import and deliver our entire range of products directly to their final customer.

In addition, we support our customers with a tailor made service for buildings over 25sq m, manufacturing bespoke garden buildings to customer specifications. In order to help retailers sell our products, we supply them with 3D images, based on the original hand drawings and specification, which bring the final customer’s design to life.  Our bespoke service is competitively priced, has a short lead time, and most importantly, offers favourable payment conditions.


There are many reasons why you should choose Timber World to supply your log cabins.  Below you can see some of the reasons why other companies have decided to resell our products or to send us all their bespoke log cabins or log homes enquiries:


What would you buy, a 3d watermarked image or a real log cabin?
What sales materials would you prefer: a 3d watermarked image or an unbranded photograph of a real log cabin?
HOW OUR COMPETITORS WORK:  Their sales images are computer generated 3D images of cabins often superimposed on a fake background. They do not give a true picture of the final product.
OUR WAY: We build our log cabins and take real photographs of them. This way, you and your customers know exactly what they are getting and what the final building will look like. This way you are guaranteed customer satisfaction and won’t get customers complaining that the product they received looks different to the image you showed them.
HOW OUR COMPETITORS WORK:   The images and sales literature they provide are branded with the name of their business and the product. This is so they can build their own brand around your business.
OUR WAY: Our images and sales literature is unbranded and has no watermarks. This gives you the option to create your own brand or build upon the brand you currently use. You can rename every product to suit your own business. Even when the product is delivered, we do not have any of our own branding on the products.
In fact, there is no other company in the UK to offer you a similar, comprehensive web kit with everything you need to be able to sell our from your website. We provide you with the entire website content which you will be able to customise for your own company.


Would you rather receive your log cabin in 1 month or more or within 1 week?
Would you rather receive your log cabin in 4-5 weeks or within 1 week?
HOW OUR COMPETITORS DO IT: Most products have a 4-6 weeks lead time. This is because they do not have a large enough UK warehouse to store their range
of products and so do not import to the UK until the product has been sold.
OUR WAY: 1 week lead time. By having a smaller range of high quality products we have adequate space to warehouse them in the UK. This means that our standard range of products is held in stock and can be dispatched and delivered within 1 week. We do have longer lead times for bespoke and non-standard specifications, but this is because they have to be specially made.
We only ask for a 30% deposit, not the full amount upfront.
HOW OUR COMPETITORS DO IT:  They demand 100% payment upfront for their products.
OUR WAY:  We only ask for a 30% deposit. This will make the log cabin more affordable to your customer and give them peace of mind when they purchase. It will also help you with your cashflow as the remaining balance is due only before delivery.
HOW OUR COMPETITORS DO IT: No after sales customer support
OUR WAY: We offer free, comprehensive customer support to your customers. Log cabins are large buildings to erect and there is always going to be the customer who has a specific question that needs answering or problem that needs solving. As you are not a specialist when it comes to building a log cabin, we don’t expect you to have to deal with these issues – we will help your customer for you and let you concentrate on your own business. We do this through our ticket support system, live chat or directly over the phone so they can finish the project.



At Timber World we manufacture a wide range of log cabins starting from 9 square meters and up to 44.80sq m. Each log cabin is supplied as standard with pressure treated bearers, 19 mm tongue and groove floor boards, 44 mm log thickness, laminated roof beams and 19 mm roof boards. Also, our log cabins can be upgraded to 28 mm floor boards, thicker or insulated walls and insulated roof.

Besides our standard products, we also manufacture car garages, car ports, pergolas, modern garden offices, corner log cabins, roof structures and timber frame buildings. These non-standard products are imported only when ordered and so the lead time is around 4 weeks.


We can also create bespoke log cabins for your customers, provided it’s bigger than 25 square meters and made of walls thicker than 44 mm, we can build any design for you. All we need, in the first instance, are some hand drawings and basic details such as: eaves height, ridge height and they type of floor, walls or roof would you require.  We will then email you a quotation for your building and if this is satisfactory, we will create 3D images for the cabin and send you the proforma invoice. For bespoke buildings our deposit is 50%.



We do NOT retail any of our log cabins to the general public. Instead we offer a dropship service for to all our dealers. At Timber World, we are dedicated to providing the best value for money, therefore, all our high quality products are reasonably priced and are delivered from stock within a week from being ordered.


As a retailer we don’t expect you to know anything about the technical details of building a log cabin. If your customers have a problem, don’t worry, we offer a full after sale customer support for your clients via our landlines, live chat, ticket support or email address.


We have a network of qualified, experienced builders and installers covering the UK mainland and so can offer your customers a high quality, low cost installation service should they prefer not to install the building themselves.


Our factory has a production line dedicated to manufacturing any type of bespoke residential log home or timber frame building that your customer requires. This allows us to design, build and deliver these products within 3 to 5 weeks.


All our log cabins, with standard features, are stocked into the UK. Once we receive your order we will then contact the final customer directly in order to organise the delivery day and time.

We use 7.5 tone vehicles or HGVs in accordance with the agreement we will have with your customer and based on road restrictions that might apply in the area. All our cabins are delivered, flat-packed, within 7 days from order.

We will offer 3 days’ notice to the final customer so they can make personal arrangements, (for e.g. time off work for the delivery or to organise the installation.) Please bear in mind, two people will be required on site in order to help offload the cabin from the lorry. We can offer a kerb-side drop only.

If you order an upgraded, thicker than standard product, then the lead time is around 3 weeks, while for completely new designs or bespoke buildings the lead time is around 4 weeks. The lead time for all residential mobile log homes starts from 5 weeks. For fully pressure treated log cabins or residential log homes the lead time starts from 6 weeks as more time is required to manufacture these kinds of products.


Before placing an order you’ll need to open an account with us. This is completely free and ensures that we are selling only to retailers not to the general public. We need to find out a couple of things from you, like where you want to sell our log cabins or if you’ve sold log cabins before… nothing complicated.

Once we get your account up and running and you start getting enquiries and orders you should know that the deposit required for any standard log cabin is 30% when you place the order and 70% is due 1 day before delivery to the final customer.

For the bespoke log cabins we take 50% deposit, and the remaining balance of 50% is due before delivery to the final customer.

You can choose either bank transfer or cheque as your payment method to us. Please be aware that cheques need to have cleared before delivery can take place and this could delay delivery by a week.